Welcome to JSoccer

Welcome back to a re-invented JSoccer.com - now even more of a companion to JSoccer Magazine and a place to see the best of the web news on Japanese Football - in English.

You will find more highlights, more video, more images that I hope you'll like from JSoccer and elsewhere (while staying within the rules of the J.League, the JFA, and the teams). You'll find stories and comments I think you'll like from other sites, as I try to gather in, and direct you to, the best of Japanese Football, in English.

You will now be able to get your JSoccer Magazines easier than before while, slowly, I'll be adding some interesting Japanese Football-connected items to the store, also.

I decided to "lose" the archives and start "anew", but I will resurrect some of the older, interesting features or stories that might be interesting to new and old visitors alike. Some of the site features used before will also be returning as I bring them back up to "scratch" and, as always, I will not be trying to be first with anything, I'll just be trying to bring you as much as possible, that I like, or that I want to say!

JSoccer.com and JSoccer Magazine is run by a FAN for FANS - I'm not in it for the glory, or to be first (and we're certainly not in for the money! If there was a little profit I might put some on Kashima Antlers winning J1 this season at this particular betting site!)... watch the Japanese game grow with us, and around us.

Thank you for your support of Japanese Football, and JSoccer - we all want the same thing!

Alan Gibson
Editor, JSoccer Magazine