Tokyo Municipal Soccer Stadium
aka "Ajinomoto Stadium"

Chofu City, Tokyo

Tokyo Soccer Stadium is the largest facility in Japan that did not host a World Cup match. Although many have questioned the reasoning behind the decision to host a World Cup, yet not hold a single match in the capital city, there are both pros and cons to using this stadium. On the positive side, this stadium is a massive structure, with oodles of high-tech facilities. On the negative side . . . . this stadium is a massive structure, with oodles of high-tech facilities.

Any description of the stadium must start with its size. The only word that comes to mind when describing Tokyo Stadium is "cavernous". At first sight, one gets the impression that it must surely seat 65-70,000. The spacious size of the seats and relatively low angle in the stands apparently keeps the total capacity down, but the total enclosed space can only be described in words such as "vast", "huge" or "ginormous". This massive size. particularly the ample sidelines areas and encircling track, puts nearly all of the seats at a considerable distance from the pitch. As impressive as the stadium might be, nobody would ever describe it as "cozy" or "comfortable".

On the positive side, soaring rafters cover every seat in the house, and the facilities -- right down to the heated toilet seats in the rest rooms -- are extremely well appointed. The broadcasting facilities are also state-of-the-art, which makes this a good place to hold televised matches. Perhaps most importantly, the stadium is located a convenient 25 minutes from central Tokyo. Impersonal as it might be, Tokyo Soccer Stadium is certainly an impressive place to take in a match.


Ajinomoto Soccer Stadium

Location:Chofu City, Tokyo, Japan   Capacity: over 50,000
Home Team(s): Tokyo Verdy, FC Tokyo   Completed: November 2000


Stadium Access

The closest stations to Ajinomoto Stadium are Tobitakyu Station, on the Keio line (about 20 minutes from Shinjuku), and Tama station on the Seibu Tamagawa line. The stadium is a five minute walk north, from Tobitakyu station, or a 20 minute walk from Tama station. On match days, there are shuttle buses from Tama Station directly to the stadium. Get off at the "Ajinomoto Stadium Minami-guchi" bus stop.

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Ticket Prices

NOTE: The seating layout and ticket prices for FC Tokyo matches and Tokyo Verdy matches differ. Below are FC Tokyo prices. Tickets for Verdy matches are similar, though some general admission seats are about 500 yen cheaper.

G-I general admission:
Adults Y2,000; Children Y1,500
G-II general admission:
Adults Y2,500; Children Y2,000
A general admission:
Adults Y3,000; Children Y2,500
U general admission:
Adults Y3,500; Children Y3,000
SA reserved seats:
Adults Y4,000; Children Y3,500
SS reserved seats:
Adults Y6,000; Children Y5,000