Hitachi-dai Kashiwa Stadium

Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture

Although it could not compare to the utterly depressing cow pasture that passes for a football stadium in nearby Ichihara, Kashiwa's Hitachi-dai Stadium, was originally a very dull and unimaginative stadium whose main charm point is the fact that it is football only, unlike the newer Kashiwa-no-Ha Stadium, which was used for many Reysol home matches prior to 2008. Many fans considered the new facility a step backwards. Whatever its drawbacks in terms of size and location, at least Hitachi-dai was built specifically for football.

Nevertheless Kashiwa Stadium received a lot of bad publicity, not least of all because there were no permanent bathroom facilities at the "away" end. Visitors had to walk around to the home end, or use "porta-potties" in an adjacent field. After years of criticism, the city finally agreed to upgrade Kashiwa Stadium with permanent "facilities", and a second deck for home fans. The result was a huge improvement - the atmosphere is still cozy and intimate, but now the buildings are modernized and a visit for away fans is not quite as intimidating..

 Hitachi-dai Kashiwa Stadium

Location:Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture   Capacity: 16,000
Home Team(s): Kashiwa Reysol   Completed: 1975

Stadium Access

Hitachidai Stadium has relatively poor stadium access, though it is noy far from downtown Kashiwa. It is about a 20 to 25 minute walk from Kashiwa Station on the JR Joban line to. From Kashiwa Station's east exit there are regular city buses to the stadium, which run more frequently on match days. Board a Tobu Bus from bus stand Number 1, bound for "Nadogaya", and get off at the Midorigaoka bus stop, which is right in front of the stadium park.

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Ticket Prices

General admission:
Adults Y2,500; Children Y1,500
A Zone Reserved:
M Zone Reserved:
SF Zone Reserved:
SD Zone Reserved: