Musashino Stadium

Musashino City, Tokyo

Musashino Stadium is a typical multipurpose stadium, much like those that you can find in hundreds of small towns throughout Japan. This one, however, happens to be locateed on the fringes of Tokyo, not too far from the enormous Ajinomoto Stadium in Chofu City. Not surprisingly, this limits the stadium's appeal to larger football teams, despite the fact that it has a fairly good capacity and is conveniently located near a number of large train stations.

 Like many other 1970-80s era stadiums, it consists of a ring of seats and earthen embankments with a simple press box and roof covering the prestige seats. The stadium is home to the JFL club Yokogawa Musashino FC, who are hoping to win promotion to the J2 within the next few years. Back in the 1990s, when FC Tokyo was still the corporate team of Tokyo Gas, the then-JFL club played many of its matches at Musashino, but after J2 entry in 1999, FC Tokyo never again used the facility.



Musashino Stadium

Location:Musashino City, Tokyo Prefecture   Capacity: 10,000
Home Team(s): FC Tokyo, Yokogawa Musashino FC   Completed: ???

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