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V.Varen Nagasaki

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V,Varen Nagasaki was formed in 2004 by the merger of Ariake SC and Kunimi FC, both members of the Nagasaki Prefectural League. The team changed its name to V.Varen Nagasaki, adopted the Nagasaki prefectural symbol -- the Mandarin Duck -- as its mascot and set up an independent management corporation with the expressed intent of bringing J.League football to the western coast of Kyushu.

As is the case for many J.League clubs, V.Varen Nagasaki derives its name from a seemingly illogical polyglot of European words. The "V" is supposedly derived from the Portuguese word "vittoria", or "Victory" (though there seems to be no reason why the team couldnt have chosen the English, French ... or in this particular case, Dutch ... word for Victory (which also start with the letter V), since it would be a better match for the remainder of the team name. The word "Varen" was chosen to reflect the city's long history as an important port of call for Portuguese and Dutch traders, throughout the Edo era. It is derived from the Dutch word which means "to voyage by sea". 

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Management Corporation: Nagasaki Football Co., Ltd.
Established: 2004
President: --
Investors: --
Address: 1808-1 Kaya, Tarami-cho, Isahaya City, Nagasaki 859-0401
Hometown Area: Isahaya and Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Home Stadium: Nagasaki Prefectural Athletic Stadium (capacity: 206,245)
Joined J. League: 2013