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 The original design scheme adopted by New Wave Kitakyushu was based on the city's status as a major port in the area. Its logo mark (far right) had a nautical nuance, and the choice of mascot was a seagull by the name of "Wavy" (center). When the J.League forced New Wave to change its name, to Giravanz, the team considered adopting a new mascot as well, but fans would hear nothing of it. Wavy had become a popular figure in Kitakyushu and the fans wanted him to remain in place. However, new names were solicited and the team settled on the unlikely choice of "Giran".

A comparison of the two mascots clearly shows that the earlier version was done by amateur designers. The color scheme was changed to match the Giravanz red-and-gold, and Giran's outfit looks a bit sharper, but many feel that the crafty expression of the old "Wavy" was better than the revised version. 

Old Uniforms

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