Saturday, 03 June 2023


When Grulla Morioka first entered the J.League, those who take an interest in J.League mascots were hoping for a truly spectacular submission from the club. The team has used the Japanese Snow Crane ("tsuru") as its symbol, and the basis of its team logo, for many years. The "tsuru" is a symbol of prosperity, long life and good fortune. Considering what a positive symbol this is, most fans expect the team to unveil an official mascot based on the snow crane in the relatively near future.

Unfortunately, the club followed the same misguided precedents for selecting an official mascot that was used so poorly at other relatively new clubs like Gifu, Fujieda and Tottori. Apparently people still have not figured out that a "public vote" often results in the selection of a mascot that appeals to "the general public" better than it does to true football fans. Morioka accepted submissions for a mascot, three of which were quite appealing, and in line with the standard that most J1 and J2 clubs have adopted. Here are the three "losing" entries.

I think most readers will agree that ANY of these options are preferable to the one that was ultimately "selected." Certainly, the folded paper cranes that have become a symbol of good luck, in Japan, have a certain cultural appeal. But a mascot shaped like a piece of origami just simply doesnt fly.

Hopefully, "Kizuru-kun" will get a makeover in a few years, since fans are already loudly voicing their disappointment. For now, though, Grulla fans will have to put up with a paper mascot.

Old Uniforms

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