Saturday, 03 June 2023

Kama-chan and Tama-chan

Many J.League teams have made an effort to choose a team mascot that has some connection to the region's history or culture. However, in the case of Kamatamare Sanuki, the attempt to appeal to "local tastes" was taken to extremes. One of the local dining specialties in Kagawa Prefecture is a type of cooked noodles with a raw egg on top, known as "Sanuki Udon". When it came time for Kamatamare Sanuki to select a mascot . . . . well . . . see for yourself. 

 The two characters are named Kama-chan and Tama-chan. Not only are these two words taken directly from the name "Kamatamare", but the word "kama" means a ceramic bowl, and "tama" is often used as jargon for "tamago" (egg). Though they were never registered officially by the J.League, fans were extremely fond of their noodle-headed cheerleader, and it was a huge shock to the Sanuki faithful when in 2018 -- with no real explanation -- a new mascot was invented -- a bizarre-looking "soccer-loving boy" named (of all things) . . .  "Sanoopy"!


Although Sanoopy's "hat" retains the egg-noodle-bowl concept which underlies the team name, Kama-chan and Tama-chan will be missed. Only time will tell whether the team's new official mascot can catch on with fans as much as the previous mascots did.

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