Monday, 19 November 2018

Samurai Blue Reports

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Postmortem on Japan - Australia

In the wake of Japan's 1-1 draw with Australia, it is hard to dispute coach Halilhodzic's verdict, that this result was "two points lost, rather than one point gained".

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Japan - Australia

Japan's campaign for the 2018 World Cup sputtered along in unconvincing fashion Tuesday evening, with a 1-1 draw against Australia

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Japan - Iraq

Japan's campaign for a berth in the 2018 World Cup received an enormous boost on Thursday evening, as birthday boy Hotaru Yamaguchi's injury-time blast carried Japan past the Lions of Mesopotamia, and put their qualification campaign back on track.

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Japan - UAE

Japan kicked off its campaign for the 2018 World Cup this week with matches against the UAE and Thailand. The UAE contest included every single problem that anyone has ever criticised or bemoaned about Asian football. And I do mean everything

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