Monday, 25 January 2021

Samurai Blue Reports

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Going Through the Motions

Japan's first home match in 2022 World Cup qualification was played on Thursday evening, against that mighty footballing behemoth, Mongolia. If that intro doesnt set your pulse to racing . . . . well . . . . to be honest, this report on the Samurai Blue's performance isnt going to do so either. So pull up a pillow, and . . . .

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A Rainy Night in Myanmar

Japan's opening match in 2022 World Cup qualification was played on Tuesday evening, in Myanmar. Though one match generally doesnt tell the whole story, Samurai Blue fans may have received some hints about Coach Moriyasu's plans for the future of the National Team.

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Young Samurai Blue Maturing in Copa America Draw

In Japan's second Copa America match against Uruguay, a relatively young squad put on a solid display and boosted optimism for the future, despite surrendering a lead twice, and having to settle for a single point. 

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Back to Basics

Japan's friendly against Paraguay served as Coach Moriyasu's final opportunity to prepare for the start of World Cup qualification. While June's trip to South America seemed like more of a rehearsal for the 2020 Olympics, this contest featured an older, more mature unit.

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Immature Opening to Copa America

A thoroughly inexperienced flock of pretenders wearing Samurai Blue jerseys was led out like sheep to the slaughter on Monday, in Japan's opening Copa America match against Chile. Perhaps result was no surprise, but that did not make it any easier to watch.

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Japan Building for Future Challenges  

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Countdown to Copa

In its final tuneup before this summer's trip to South America, the Samurai Blue provided fans with reason for genuine optimism. As "experimental" as the squad may be, this unit looks like in could make a real impact . . . . in time.

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